Different types of massages A Massage is an act of working on the body, where you apply pressure. It can be carried out in different techniques to promote relaxation, healing, and enjoyment, with a lot of people wanting to learn massage. Here are some types of massages that you wouldn’t want to miss. 1. Aromatherapy This type of massage utilizes essential oils. It is unique in promoting healing and deep relaxation. The fragrance of the few drops applied helps to cure a cold, headaches, stress, and fatigue among others. 2. Deep tissue massage It targets the deep layers of your connective tissue and muscles. TheRead More →

Sports massage is most of the time overlooked by people who are working out and is treated as a reserve for professional athletes, but this is a big fallacy as it has tremendous benefits to a person who is working out. Some of the benefits are discussed below. Helps the Blood Circulatory System Sports massage causes the blood vessels to widen, thus in the process promoting a better and more effective circulation. Generally, this means blood flow is greatly enhanced thus it is able to deliver fresh oxygen and nutrients to body tissues and promotes removal of waste products and toxins. This makes a person’sRead More →

Everyone in the world is different and it always amazes me when people say that they genuinely do not like getting a massage, as I believe that it is one of the greatest things in the world ever, but then I am massively biased, as I have been working in the industry since I left school. Anyway, there are some people who would much rather give a massage than receive one, which is what I am here to help with. While everyone might think they know how to give a good massage, there is actually a lot more to it, so I will take youRead More →